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Sam Bayer


A. All the articles that are being written about us!

Since last month, when we won our NCIDEA grant, our press coverage has started to pickup.  Frankly, that’s not really a coincidence.  The whole point of the grant was to help us increase our exposure in the marketplace…so that’s what we’re doing!

Here are links to the first two articles.  Until we get our website overhauled in the coming weeks, I’ll keep track of our press coverage progress here on my blog.

  • “Best Automation Solution for SAP Users: Outsourcing an eCommerce B2B Website”   was published in Automation Media.
  • “Manufacturing CFO’s Using SAP Look to SaaS Outsourced eCommerce B2B Websites” was published in Accounting Software 411.

It’s funny how much more real the company feels when you start reading about it in the media.

Then again, it’s always felt pretty real to me :-)

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