Sam Bayer


PayPal + SAP eCommerce

Paypal” and “SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce” in the same sentence?  Isn’t Paypal used for buying stuff on eBay and other consumer oriented websites?  I’ve been in the SAP® B2B eCommerce business for an awfully long time and no one has ever asked me if we support Paypal as a payment method.

Until a few months ago.

That’s when our friends at The Industry Source asked us to add a Paypal payment option for their 35,000 monthly website visitors.

So now we do.

And they’re using it.

It hasn’t become, nor are there expectations that it will ever become, the preferred payment method for The Industry Source’s eCommerce customers.  They still prefer to pay by either purchase order or credit cards.  However, on a daily basis, website users are seamlessly placing orders into SAP® in real time after having paid for the transaction with their Paypal accounts.

In this business it’s all about making it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you.  If offering Paypal will allow a few more beauticians to buy product from you, than that’s good for business.

And I’ve always said that what’s good for our clients’ business is equally good for our business.

A big shout out to our Nathan Leach and Ray Mannion for making it all happen.