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Sam Bayer


Today was an awesome day!

We were just notified by Kim MacIntosh, the SAP eCommerce Manager at Nordson’s EFD Division in Rhode Island that “we” were chosen as one of Managing Automation’s Progressive Manufacturer 100 (PM100) Award Winners for our “eCommerce for SAP” project.

I say “we” in quotations because while Nordson actually won the prize, we at b2b2dot0 are “over the top” proud that the project was enabled by our SAP Integrated B2B sellside eCommerce Software-as-a-Service solution.

In a little over a year, b2b2dot0 has evolved from a development stage company, to an enabler of an award winning SAP manufacturer!  Unbelievable!  But frankly, we’re not all that surprised.

We’ve got a great team here at b2b2dot0.  We know what we’re doing.  We’ve been helping SAP manufacturers support their customers over the web for over 10 years.  We’re total believers in the SaaS business model and are about as Agile as you can get.  And…when you combine our technology and experience with a client like Nordson, great things are bound to happen….and they did!

According to the project nomination form, the following were the key achievements of this project:

“Order management, production planning, distribution and customer service were all improved due to “single flow processing” and real–time information without the lag of “time zone” issues.

And all this happened within 90 days.

From everyone here at b2b2dot0, to everyone at Nordson and EFD who were associated with this project, we extend a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You took a risk by betting on us to deliver and this award is public recognition of your boldness, creativity and hard work.

Have fun in sunny Flordia.  We’ll be thinking of you.

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