Key Trends in B2B Ecommerce: Complimentary Forrester Research Valued at $1749

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An ecommerce platform provider called Elasticpath is co-sponsoring this webinar along with Forrester Research. I’ve been following the presenter, Brian Walker, on Twitter (@bkwalker) for quite awhile now and based on his tweets, I have no doubt that this will be an informative webinar.  Besides, a free $1749 report is ample reward for an hour of my time 🙂

You may be wondering why I’m promoting a competitor’s marketing event?  For two reasons:

Content – I’m pretty certain the content will be of value to anyone in the B2B eCommerce field. Here are the key takeaways promised in the promotional literature:

  • What is behind the growth in B2B ecommerce today?
  • How is B2B ecommerce being influenced by B2C ecommerce experiences and features?
  • How do different business models manifest in B2B ecommerce sites?

Choice – All of our clients eventually come to the conclusion that they don’t
want to be in the business of building and maintaining eCommerce
websites.  But we won’t win 100% of the opportunities that we go after.  When we lose, (by definition because we are the only Software-as-a-Service SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce solution in the market) we will lose to the custom development project.  My feeling is that I want the people that we engage with to make the best possible decision they can for their companies.  If I can make it easier for them to get at information to help them make the right decision, than I’ve done my job.

Elasticpath is as good an ecommerce technology platform provider as there is in the market today.  Might as well take them up on their offer to learn about the B2B eCommerce world in general and their company specifically.

I hope to see you there.


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