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Sam Bayer


If it isn’t broke…

We’ve had a link to an online customer satisfaction survey on our SAP® integrated B2B eCommerce websites since day 1.  I love monitoring them as they trickle in.  Survey respondents usually fall on either end of the spectrum.  They either love our website or want to love it, but have very specific reasons why it’s currently annoying them.  Either way,  I love hearing what customers have to say about their experiences on our websites.

The most valuable surveys are the ones that offer constructive feedback that we can act on.  But in the midst of all that “constructive criticism” it’s nice to receive acknowledgement that you’re simply doing a good job.  Today was one of those days.

Drive Satisfaction Survey

What three things could we do to improve your experience?

1 – “Don’t screw with the ordering system on the website, it works well.”

2- “See above”

3- “See above”


We’re definitely going to take this respondent’s suggestion of not “screwing with the ordering system” seriously.   We won’t screw with it.  But we are going to make it better.  For instance, in a few weeks, we’re going to put our long awaited “Multiple Saved Carts” feature into production.   I can’t wait to see the survey responses when that one is released across our client base!