Google to the rescue

What was his name?

He was the IT Director at one of our first customers.  In fact, what was their name?  I know they used our product to help them with their rock business.  They were in the construction industry.  I’ve got to find him.  They are definitely a prime prospect for our new service.

CSR.  I found the company name on some spreadsheet that “fell off the back of a truck”.  But no contact info.  I “googled” CSR and learned that they had changed ownership not once, but twice, since I last did business with them.  Most recently they were acquired by a Mexican company called Cemex.  Trolling their website didn’t uncover my long lost associate, Mr. X, …who, for all I knew… was probably long gone.

I would much prefer to have a name to start my calling than have to fumble my way through receptionist gatekeepers, asking for my “close personal friend” whose name I can’t remember.

Enter Google desktop.  I entered CSR into Google’s search field and told it to go scour my hard drive for evidence.  A few seconds later it came back with a hit on a travel expense spreadsheet that I submitted way back in 1999.  Evidently I had taken Mr. X out for lunch and wanted to get reimbursed for it.

I then Googled his name and came back with a newsletter published a year and a half ago.  My long lost business colleague was not only still at the company, doing the same job, but is also doing good community work.  There was a photo of him in the company newsletter, surrounded by his department, celebrating a great United Way fund raising campaign that they had just completed.

My preliminary detective work complete, I picked up the phone and started dialing…

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Sam Bayer founded Corevist in 2008 and served as CEO until his retirement in 2022. During his tenure, his mission was to capitalize on the convergence of the growing popularity of Cloud delivered services and the consumerization of B2B ecommerce to build a company that delivers real value to his clients and a great place to work for his team.