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Seamless promotions in Corevist Commerce

Once you have a B2B e-commerce solution like Corevist up and running, it’s time to maximize the value you and your customers get out of it. Say hello to ecommerce promotions! But what do they look like in Corevist Commerce? How can you use promotions within Corevist Commerce to drive business value?

To start answering these questions, we’ll take a look at one of our clients, LORD Corporation. LORD is a leading manufacturer of mission-critical adhesives used in aerospace, automotive, construction, and other industries. LORD wanted to set up a promotion in Corevist Commerce to push a new accessory product aligned to one of its major adhesive lines.

Here’s how Corevist Commerce delivered the promotional capabilities LORD wanted.

The business case

LORD’s Corevist Commerce store displays live contract pricing, personalized to the user and pulled straight from SAP. LORD was looking to run a promotion that offered flexibility. LORD was planning to release two new cleaning products, LokRelease 800 and 810. These products are designed to help customers remove dried Chemlok, LORD’s high-performance rubber-to-substrate adhesive. Combined with Chemlok, LokRelease 800 and 810 offer full-circle customer care for Chemlok applications. After all, Chemlok is incredibly strong, and customers must regularly remove dried overspray from masks and fixtures used during the application process.

In addition to traditional marketing, LORD Corporation wanted to promote LokRelease in new ways. This new product line is complementary to a number of LORD’s structural and rubber-to-substrate adhesives. They wanted an innovative solution to maximize its exposure to customers who go into Corvis to buy one item and realize that another complementary good makes using that solution even easier.

To achieve this, LORD Corporation chose to run a 50% off promotion of LokRelease products. That’s when they approached us and asked what was possible in Corevist Commerce.

What we did

To build LORD’s promotion, we used Pendo, a leading tool for user guides which comes built into Corevist Commerce. Pendo is the ideal platform for building promotions because it allows the Corevist team to set everything up in a matter of hours, without the need for a developer. LORD was interested in an ecommerce promotions because of the low barrier to entry which Pendo offers.

Here are the features of Pendo-based promotions in Corevist Commerce:

  • Scheduling flexibility. You can set start and end dates for the promotion. If you don’t specify dates, the promotion will run indefinitely.
  • Metrics. Pendo provides metrics for views, plus average and median time spent viewing the promotion.
  • User IDs for people who’ve seen the promotion. You can export this list to CSV, compare it to a list of users who did buy the product, and use the remainder (user IDs who didn’t buy) to send a marketing campaign in email automation software like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign.
  • The promotion can display just about anywhere inside Corevist Commerce.

What LORD did: Set promotional pricing in SAP (that’s it!)

Running this promotion was incredibly seamless for LORD Corporation. “We set temporary pricing in SAP to reflect the discounted price for the duration of the promotion,” said Amanda Wittmeier, Business Development.

That was it.

In other words, all LORD had to do was change pricing in SAP, and the product was automatically priced correctly in Corevist Commerce due to our real-time integration to SAP. This ensures that LORD Corporation maintains full control over pricing—and it also ensures that all orders, whether phone, fax, email, or ecommerce, receive the same pricing since SAP is still the system of record.

Seamless promotions with a low barrier to entry

At Corevist, our mission is faster, better, cheaper ways of doing SAP-integrated B2B ecommerce. We reject the idea that promotions should stay beyond the reach of manufacturers doing ecommerce. That’s why we leverage Pendo for promotions within Corevist Commerce. Our clients don’t have to be experts. They don’t have to source and manage a promotions solution on their own. As their trusted advisors in SAP ecommerce, we provide everything they need.  

This is significant because it removes technology from our clients’ worry list. We partner with our clients to design, implement, and measure their promotional programs. It’s just one more way we bring world-class SAP ecommerce to manufacturers everywhere.

The results

Since LORD began the promotion, the rate of sampling of the new product line has more than doubled. Now that’s a successful ecommerce promotion!

With their Pendo-based promotion running in Corevist Commerce, LORD is equipped to introduce its customers to the practical value of the LokRelease line. The promotion offers customers an additional incentive to purchase a sample and helps the product stand out in a catalog of “higher tech” products. It builds value for the customer, helping them clean up any misapplication of one of the world’s strongest adhesives. And it builds LORD’s brand by offering customers new value which they didn’t know they needed.

The best part? The promotion runs hands-free within LORD’s Corevist Commerce store. Amanda Corder Wittmeier, Business Development, put it this way: “We are targeting current customers of LORD’s Chemlok adhesive products. That’s why advertising it on Corevist made sense, because that’s where our customers go to order products.”

We couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. To LORD Corporation—here’s to many more successful promotions!

Moving forward: FREE case study

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