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Sam Bayer


Corevist on Cape Cod!

“You gotta say “cuppa chowda” if you want to order one” proclaimed our waitress for the evening at the Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis, Massachusetts.  She was exercising her power over us since she had what we all wanted, Cape Cod’s award winning Clam Chowder from 2012-2014.  “And the only reason we didn’t win in 2015 is that we weren’t allowed to enter the contest” she boastfully exclaimed.


Such was one of the many memories that the Corevist clan, and their significant others, logged throughout our 4 day Corporate Retreat on Cape Cod from 9/24-9/27.

We were all there to celebrate Corevist’s accomplishments.

As a company we wanted to take the time out to acknowledge that we hit all of our financial targets (revenue and profit),  just launched our 18th client onto our cloud based SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce platform, have built a healthy 2016 pipeline and expanded our technical staff by over 30% this year.  We also felt it was important to invite all of our spouses and partners because they are as much a part of our success as we are.  Because we’re now a self-described Evergreen company, we were there to celebrate our 7 P’s (Purpose, Private, Perseverance, Profitable, People, Paced Growth & Pragmatic Innovation).

And celebrate we did.

Here is a picture of the gang waiting to board the high speed ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard.


When you are a virtual company, even though you get together daily via skype, it really helps the cause if you physically get together on occasion.  There was no better way to do that than to share this Hyannis golf course mansion (which was just a few blocks away from the Kennedy compound).


For more great pictures of our trip check out my Photo Gallery here.

For the record, in case anyone from the IRS is reading my blog, it wasn’t ALL play on the Cape.  We definitely had “business meetings” while we were on the Cape.  We had nightly presentations from our Senior Leadership Team which got everyone on the same page with respect to our overall business, clients and technology.

Here is Justin Diana showing us the direction that our infrastructure is heading:


Here is Chris demonstrating our soon to be released Responsive Design on his ipad:



We also had plenty of great conversations during our; visit to Plymouth Rock, Provincetown whale watching day, our touring of Martha’s Vineyard and our free day which included Yoga, frisbee throwing and strolling by the Kennedy’s compound.  And the meals…unbelievable events in and of themselves.

Lastly, I can’t help but marvel at the role that the internet played in organizing and executing this wonderful event.  I really shouldn’t be surprised since that’s the business that we’re in, but when you stop to think about it, the internet age is really here :-).  Here are a few examples:

  1. We rented our mansion via Airbnb.
  2. Waze got us from point to point and relieved us of “are we going to miss our plane” anxieties.
  3. Justin’s smartphone rebooted one of our production servers while on our whale watching tour.
  4. Facebook helped our friends and family keep track of us as did Facetime and Skype and Texting.
  5. When we were at a loss for lyrics, it was off to the internet we went.
  6. Airline and restaurant reservations were all made via websites and email.
  7. Yelp helped us find last minute restaurants.

There was a lot of technology that helped us manage this event, but the best part of it all was the fact that we were all together in person.  That’s the right role for technology.

Technology is best used to free up time for humans so that they have more time to spend with humans.

Humans spending time with humans.


What a wonderful weekend!