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Sam Bayer


How to create “pull”

LeanAgile practitioners know “creating pull” as the way to connect with your clients.  It stands to reason that if real clients are “pulling” you into the market than you’ve got to be honing in on the real value chain.  And of course, ultimately, that’s the difference between success and failure.

Well, we at b2b2dot0 are “over the top” excited to be collaborating with our first potential client! We’re collaborating on producing a pilot version of our service hooked up to their SAP system.  Working with a real client solving real problems has a way of focusing your mind and prioritizing your efforts…no less adding purpose and motivation to your daily efforts.

We’re psyched!

The first several months of our existence were spent designing, developing and demonstrating our service to our potential market.  Basically trying to create pull. But there was no greater feeling than last Friday when we were granted VPN access to our first client SAP system and a few hours later were able to return the order status of one of their orders from their SAP system.  



It’s not as if we had any doubts that we could succeed technically.  We’ve been doing this for close to a decade, and although there are a million details to deal with, we knew we could get it to work.  The “hold your breath” question was could we find a client who would appreciate our value proposition, and business model, and take the risk of moving forward with us.

That returned order status message was confirmation that we could…and in fact did!

In the coming weeks we’re going to simultaneously finish building out our service and infrastructure and lavish our first client with our best efforts.

There is nothing more exciting than to respond to the pull that exists between us and our client.  We’re grateful for their investment in us and will do everything in our power to prove them brilliant for having decided to do so!

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