Sam Bayer


We’re off to Magento Imagine 2017!

It’s April so it must be time to go to Las Vegas.  It’s Magento Imagine time!

This year is going to be special for Corevist at Imagine.

While we’ve been loyal fans of Magento since our very first client implementation in 2010, I’ve always felt like an outsider at Magento conferences.  Throughout the next seven years and eighteen Magento implementations, our whole world has always been all about leveraging Magento to support SAP Manufacturers with their B2B requirements.  We literally are the best and most experienced company in the world at integrating Magento with SAP.  With that said, being a B2B guy in the Magento world always made me feel like that crazy uncle who the family wanted to keep away from the guests at the party lest people find out that they were related to him.

Until Imagine 2017!

This year, is going to be different.  While the majority of the oxygen at Imagine will still be sucked up by all things B2C, there is a growing realization by Magento, and their ecosystem, that there may actually be something important going on in the B2B world.  In fact, rumor has it that Corevist’s new Sapgento Lite extension might even be revealed in the Wednesday B2B Breakout Track Session hosted by Magento’s Mark Brinton.  It’s at 11 in the Mouton 2 room.  You’ll recognize the Corevist team of Ariel Mordetsky, Noah Scribner and myself in the back of the room in our black logo-ed polo shirts photographing the slides mentioning Corevist as they come up on the screen :-).

Seriously, it really feels like the momentum is finally shifting in our B2B direction and we at Corevist are delighted that our day in the Las Vegas sun is finally upon us.  I look forward to having many many conversations next week and teeing things up with the Magento ecosystem for what is already a record breaking year for Corevist.

If you’re at Imagine, let’s meet.  I assure you that I’m really not all that crazy.



P.S. – All time favorite moment at an Imagine conference was in 2012 when I was surprised to learn that a picture of me and my grandson, struggling to do our “boat poses” together, landed on the cover of the Imagine Conference Guide.  I’m happy to say that five years later we’re both much better at it.