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Every manufacturer has unique processes for order fulfillment. In fact, our clients’ needs in this area are so diverse, you could almost say there’s no such thing as a generic transaction for manufacturers doing eCommerce.

How can a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product like the Corevist Platform support the unique ordering processes of manufacturers?

Our deep SAP integration has always supported that complexity, but now we’re taking it a step further with a brand-new feature: custom cart input fields integrated to SAP.

Configurable custom input fields in the Corevist cart

When it comes to the building blocks of orders, Corevist has always given customers full control. Choosing products and quantities, assigning ship-tos, sold-tos and payers — our comprehensive SAP ERP integration has always made these tasks easy for buyers.

This new feature gives customers additional control. The feature allows us to add custom fields and custom data into your ordering process. Whatever additional information might affect the order in SAP, our new feature supports it and allows your customers to input that information.

Custom Cart Attributes in Corevist Commerce | Corevist, Inc.

These input fields can be mapped to SAP and configured for your unique business processes. The supported input types are plain text and drop-downs. We can also make a field required or not required.

This feature is pretty flexible. Here’s what it supports. 

  • Field labels are driven by SAP
  • Can be required or not required
  • Can be with or without a default value
  • Can be display-only or editable

The feature also supports different types of fields. 

  • Dropdown
  • Radio Buttons
  • Text
  • Number (can be an integer or a floating point)
  • Date
  • Time

Because of our comprehensive SAP integration, these fields can even be configured to drive pricing. For example, in the screenshot, the customer’s selection of price list type could affect the pricing they receive in the cart (if your SAP ERP system is set up that way).

Custom fields are available at the line-item level, too (and for quotes)

In the screenshot above, the custom input fields apply at the header level. This means they apply to the entire order.

However, our new feature is also available at the line-item level. Your customers can input whatever specific fields you need to appear for each item in the cart.

Lastly, these custom input fields are also available for quotes if you enable quote creation in the Corevist Platform.

In all these areas, the fields can integrate with your SAP ERP system. This ensures that your Corevist solution supports your unique business processes surrounding order creation and order entry.

How to take advantage of custom cart input fields

This feature is only available in the new Corevist Platform, which we launched in May 2021. If you’re already a client, rest assured your current Corevist solution is here to stay.  When you’re ready to hear more about the new Corevist Platform and how you can take advantage of these exciting new features, reach out to your Project Manager to discuss what your migration roadmap would look like. You can start by watching our demo video below. 

The Corevist Platform | Full SAP Integration Included | Corevist, Inc.

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