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Sam Bayer


Billion Dollar Websites

First a confession.

Each of our clients’ websites is instrumented with Google Analytics.  We rarely (almost never) look at the data.

I know that you’re judging me and I know that you think that that’s bad. And to be perfectly transparent, anyone at Corevist will confirm, that I indeed feel really bad about that.

However, in our defense, we used to look at the data regularly.  We shared the information with our clients and the vast majority of them simply didn’t care.  If they didn’t care about the value they were deriving from their eCommerce investments, or look for ways to continuously improve their results, why should we?  Another way of saying that is; if they’re happy, we’re happy.  Our job was simply to make sure that things never went “bump in the night”.  So we focused on doing our job and we rarely looked at Google Analytics.

I know that that sounds crazy.

The reality is that after we help our clients initially launch their B2B eCommerce websites, and recruit their first wave of users, most of them (there are exceptions) just go into “set it and forget it” mode.  The eCommerce launch team gets disbanded and they go back to their normal day jobs while the website simply does its job 24 x 7 x 365.  Order after order. Inquiry after inquiry.  24 x 7 x 365.

No artificial intelligence, no SEO optimization.  No fuss, no muss.  Just take the customer’s B2B eCommerce order, let the website answer any question they may have, and say thank you.

Day after day after day.

That brings me to today.

In preparation for a meeting with one of our client CIOs, I decided to look at their web and ecommerce statistics so that I could take a little credit for the value that they’ve been deriving from their Corevist investments…even if they didn’t care :-).

They have been with us for several years now and I had a sneaking suspicion that they had to be approaching the $1B in online sales milestone.  It wasn’t exactly easy to tally up their total revenue because we run several eCommerce storefronts for them around the world and each of them is processing orders in local currencies.  I had to go to their individual German, Russian, British, French, US, Canadian, Brazilian, Swedish and Belgian websites and convert their results manually.  Once they were all converted to US Dollars, I came up with the grand cumulative total of $768,849,608.  Not quite the $1B that I was hoping for but an impressive number nevertheless.  By the way, I did notice a traffic and revenue drop off over the last couple of months and I’m going to bring that up in my meeting with him.

Maybe it does make sense that someone look at these numbers on a regular basis :-).

That got me to thinking.  What about some of our other large volume clients?  How much cumulative revenue have they processed through their use of our Corevist Commerce service?

The second client that I looked at also took me awhile to tally up because of the same currency conversion challenges.  Maybe that’s another reason we don’t look at the numbers all that often: they aren’t that simple to aggregate.  But it was definitely worth my while because their lifetime B2B online sales volume turned out to be $1,351,116,388.  They had surpassed the $1B online B2B revenue a couple of years ago without anyone noticing.

No party.  No celebration.  No champagne.

Shame on us!

Just for kicks I took a look at one other of our clients.  We haven’t spent much time talking to them over the last couple of years because back in May of 2016 they announced that they were on a forced march to the SAP Hybris platform and bring their eCommerce business in house.  That will probably happen later this summer after an elapsed time of 26+ months for what was originally a 90 day implementation with Corevist.

But I digress :-).

I was curious to see how much online business we’ve helped them transact over the years.  Since they are predominantly a US based organization it was much easier to come up with their online business volume of $955,960,992.  I think I’ll throw them a party when they process that billionth dollar!  Which will probably happen a little before they turn off the Corevist switch…maybe.

So, the sum total for a subset of three of our clients is $3,075,926,988.  Or the average cumulative B2B online revenue for these three clients is $1,025,308,996.

Billion dollar websites.  Not million.  BILLION DOLLAR WEBSITES.

I’m in awe.

Then again, for us it’s all in a days work.



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