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Sam Bayer


b2b2dot0 featured in case study

Combine a great idea with bright, passionate and motivated people, a little bit of money, and empower them with Agile processes and tools and magic can happen.  It’s that simple…and it’s that hard.  I can honestly say that one of the keys to our success of the past two years has been the way we’ve embraced our collaboration tool, CentralDesktop.  So when CentralDesktop approached me to have a case study written about us, I jumped at the chance.  Partly because I wanted to let them know how important they were to us, and partly because I’m always looking for free publicity :-).

In an ironic twist of fate, the week that CentralDesktop publishes our case study, I learned that Basecamp finally released support for “dates on tasks” in mid-November.  That’s the number 1 reason we defected from Basecamp!  It has probably been close to 3 years that legions of users, including myself, have been asking them for that feature.  Interestingly enough, that “love us or leave us” Jason Fried of 37Signals, who resisted dates on tasks in a religious way, just leaked it out on their User Forum in mid November.  No hat in hand, no falling on sword, no apologies for second guessing his customers.  Just a simple “here it is” and, oh by the way, you may be interested in the design process we went through to bring you this cleverly designed feature.  Puhlease!   Nevertheless, I’m glad to see that he has come over to the dark side of pragmatism, and finally listened to the voice of his customers.  This bell-weather of the entrepreneurial community was starting to give Agile a bad name.

Don’t worry CentralDesktop, we’re never going to leave you…unless of course you don’t improve your Blackberry support, database views form handling capability, ability to enter a negative time in time tracking, make workflow handling available to your Company Plan, integrate with Zoho CRM, …  :-)


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