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Welcome to the Corevist family!

We’re excited to announce the successful launch of a completely redesigned e-commerce site that features real-time SAP integration for Office Relief, one of the world’s leading ergonomic product suppliers.

For 20 years, California-based Office Relief has been a one-stop shop for ergonomic needs with the largest selection of office ergonomic products available. Among Office Relief’s client list are some of the country’s most recognizable corporate names.

With e-commerce, looks are important, but functionality is everything – especially for a company like Office Relief that has long-standing and complex business-to-business relationships.

Prior to working with b2b2dot0, Office Relief had an ecommerce site that was difficult and expensive to maintain. The site also lacked any distinction between casual consumers and corporate clients. And, it was completely disconnected from SAP.

“In many ways, we felt like our old site was holding us hostage,” said Paul Blaubach, President and CEO of Office Relief.  “It was expensive to maintain because updates had to go through an external vendor, and it was impossible to get new products on the site quickly.  On top of that, new orders placed on our site triggered a long list of internal manual processes.”

“But, we feared that replacing our old site would be even more expensive and painful. Then, b2b2dot0 showed us how we could quickly move forward with a redesigned e-commerce site that was integrated with SAP and offered sophisticated b2b functionality.”

The new site, which launched in Oct 2011, was built using a combination of b2b2dot0’s configurable web platform and Magento, an open source ecommerce content management tool. The new site features:

  • Real-time SAP data-integration
  • Public b2c product catalogs
  • Private, b2b product catalogs with customized price lists and complex b2b order management rules
  • Centralized, easy-to-use content management for multiple microsites
  • Powerful and flexible marketing tools

“Just a few years ago, if an organization used SAP and wanted to build a web-based sales channel, there were only two choices: build a custom web site from scratch or heavily customize existing software products. Both options were incredibly time-consuming and resource intensive.” said Sam Bayer, CEO of b2bdot0. “We take a different approach. Only b2b2dot0 leverages open-source technology, delivers it in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, integrates it with SAP, and uses an agile mindset.”

“Our core solution, in combination with the Magento platform, creates a unrivaled option for companies looking reduce the cost of e-commerce and make the most of their ERP investment.” Bayer added.  “As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any other solution providers that can deliver real-time SAP-integrated e-commerce, in less time, for less cost than we do.”

About b2b2dot0

b2b2dot0’s founders know web-based b2b eCommerce. We know SAP® systems. And we know how expensive and time-consuming implementing SAP software-based b2b eCommerce can be.  Our SAP software-integrated solution leverages existing SAP installations to provide seamless eCommerce functionality faster, less expensively, and with lower risk than building a custom website or heavily customizing existing software products. b2b2dot0 is based in Raleigh, NC, with satellite offices in Colorado, Illinois, and Switzerland.  For more information, visit,

About Office Relief

Office Relief is a leading supplier of ergonomic equipment nationwide. The company provides customers with a wide range of products from adjustable chairs, sit/stand tables and monitor arms, to peripheral products including keyboards, pointing devices, headsets, and more.  For more information, visit

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