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George Anderson


b2b2dot0’s all-time availability high

b2b2dot0 –- the industry leader in cloud-based SAP eCommerce —  announced this week that January 2013 ended with the best availability metrics in the history of the company.

b2b2dot0 integrates real-time SAP data into eCommerce websites for global manufacturers and specializes in integrating SAP with Magento.

Availability – or “uptime” — is at the heart of what makes Software-as-a-Service work.  As more and more services are offered online, people have come to expect uninterrupted access those services anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year.

b2b2dot0’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees its customers that their SAP-integrated eCommerce sites will have no more than 3.3 hours of unplanned downtime per month.  As part of that guarantee, and the company’s culture of transparency, b2b2dot0 publishes availability statistics each month.

In January 2013, b2b2dot0 posted a 99.989% uptime averaged across all customers.  This stat translates to roughly less than 5 minutes of average downtime for the entire month.  In addition, the 4 minutes of actual downtime in January affected less than half of b2b2dot0s customers.

About b2b2dot0
b2b2dot0 helps manufacturers and distributors who run SAP to improve the online B2B order-to-cash process for their customers. b2b2dot0 is committed to leveraging open-source technologies, like Magento eCommerce, and integrating them with SAP.

b2b2dot0’s SAP-integrated solution leverages existing SAP installations to provide seamless eCommerce functionality faster, less expensively, and with lower risk than building a custom website or heavily customizing existing software products. b2b2dot0 is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with offices in Colorado, New York, Maine, and Switzerland.  For more information, call 919-676-7429.

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