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Sam Bayer


Google Analytics Recap – 2010

I’ve written often about the value of Google Analytics to our business and to our client’s business.  Today I’m going to recap how our nine client B2B microsites performed over the course of 2010 according to Google Analytics.  Here is what our recap looked like last year.

To begin with, $201M of revenue flowed through our webshops directly into our client’s SAP systems.  Although, truth be known, it wasn’t all in US Dollars.  Our webshops transacted business in Euros, Swedish Kroners, British Pounds, Russian Rubles and Canadian Dollars.

This revenue was spread across 88,387 transactions.  That puts the average order size at $8,187.  What was real interesting to see was depending on microsite, the average order size varied greatly…anywhere from $390 per order to $21,969 per order.  That makes sense when you stop to realize that these webshops are being used to support B2B Customers and Dealers as well as Distributors.  Distributors obviously place much larger orders…some of them are uploading orders with hundreds of line items to our webshops.

We sold 6,115,044 individual items through our webshops.  I guess if you do the math, that means that the average cost of an item purchased was $32.89.

We’ve leveraged Goals in Google Analytics heavily.  Every time a webshop customer either places an order, tracks an order, reprints a document (order confirmation, bill of lading etc.), or manages their own invoices, we think they’ve accomplished a goal that has real business value to our clients.  It means that our client’s CSR’s don’t have to spend their time.  That saves real money.  In 2010, our webshops registered 157,364 Goals.  That translates into $2,319,289 of efficiency gains for our clients!  Another way of looking at that is that we freed up over 40 CSRs to do more meaningful work than key in orders and respond to routine email and phone inquiries about order and account status.

Lastly, we definitely handled traffic from all over the world.  In fact, we had 36,904 unique visitors come to our webshops for 231,748 visits and register 2,175,294 pageviews.

I think you can safely say that we had a positive contribution to our client’s businesses in 2010.

If they’re happy, we’re happy.

We’re happy.

Here’s to a great 2011!


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