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Sam Bayer


Ecommerce for SAP All-in-One

SAP’s Business All-in-One is a brilliant offering designed to allow a small to mid size corporation to transition onto a fully integrated ERP platform in less than 4 months.

In conjunction with SAP’s partners,  specific industry’s best practices have been pre-packaged into “implementation ready”  templates.  This brings the price point of getting onto the SAP platform down from millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which in turn opens up a whole new market opportunity for SAP.  As proof that SAP’s strategy is working, we’re actively talking to a $6M distributor and a $35M manufacturer.  As a reference point, our existing clients (and the majority of our active pipeline) average ~$700M in revenue.

However, this introduces a new marketing challenge for SAP… how do you provide a “world class” B2B Webshop solution that doesn’t take world class resources to purchase and implement?

You can’t expect clients to pay as much (if not more), to extend their All-in-One solution to the web as they paid for their entire ERP system!  Yet that’s the case when the total cost of ownership of implementing SAP CRM or Internet Sales (including costs of hardware, consulting and ongoing support) are taken into account.

That’s where b2b2dot0’s On-Demand Webshop solution comes in.

I’m a little late in reporting this but in early July, Emergys and b2b2dot0 accomplished an industry first; we integrated an SAP All-in-One system with a SaaS B2B Webshop solution.  It took us three days from “let’s do it” to “we’re live and placing and tracking orders!”.   


Tack on several more weeks of testing and rollout activities and you have a realistic project plan for your SAP All-in-One B2B Webshop implementation.

SAP has totally changed the dynamics of the Webshop marketplace with their All-in-One offering.  How can anyone seriously propose a website solution that takes longer, or costs more, to implement than their ENTIRE ERP system which is going to run their whole company?

It simply doesn’t make sense to us, and based on the feedback we’re getting from the marketplace…it doesn’t make much sense to them either.

Frankly, we’re excited that the speed of SAP’s implementations are finally meeting the expectations of the Internet age.

We’ve been preparing for this moment in time for the last 14 years.


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