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Sam Bayer


How does Corevist deal with THEM?

They, They, They.

They lie.
They are taking our jobs.
They are criminals.
They need to be locked up.
They are terrorists.
They are the enemy.

They, They, They.

They look different.
They dress different.
They sound different.
They think different.
They eat different.

They, They, They.

They have no leadership.
They can’t make up their minds.
They have a terrible SAP system.
They have inferior skills.
They have irrational deadlines.
They don’t share information with us.
They don’t speak English.
They are driving us crazy.
They don’t understand us.
They don’t appreciate us.
They don’t deserve us.

They, They, They.

They are all around us.  They are in the geopolitical world and They are in the corporate world.

In the geopolitical world They are Christian, Muslims, Jews, Women and Blacks.  They are Republicans and They are Democrats.  They are rich people and They are poor people.  They are immigrants and They are refugees.  They are Wall Street and They are Main Street.

In the corporate world, They are people in IT and They are people in the business.  They are Salespeople and They are Marketing people.  They are SAP consultants and They are web developers.  They are clients and They are suppliers.  They are subcontractors and They are business partners.

The concept of the “They” creates a pernicious self reinforcing cycle that defines a target for our wrath, the They, which serves to further embolden the tribe that we call We.  

The more we focus on making them the “They”, the more we revel in becoming the “We”.

The more we become the We, the more we’re convinced that the They really are the source of our problems.  

They are to blame for our financial distress.
They are to blame for our underperformance.
They are to blame for all of our mistakes.
They are to blame for all of our misfortunes.

That’s all very convenient in a world where it often takes great courage and energy to communicate with the They and it’s equally effortless to become a part of a growing We.

This is how the They-We cycle accelerates into a frenzied perpetual motion machine.  

Unfortunately, once in the They-We cycle, it’s next to impossible to break it.  The They-We engine must move forward otherwise you risk undermining the very foundation upon which you’ve built your world, the fact that They are They and you are We.  There is no room for reason, questioning or personal growth lest you threaten your very identity.  

Since diversity, community and learning define the Corevist culture, there can be no They at Corevist. There can only be a We.  If for no other reason than if we allow a They into Corevist, we pave the way to create victims to blame.

We can’t succeed until They become a better client.
We can’t succeed until They become a better colleague.
We can’t succeed until They become a better partner.
We can’t succeed until They become a better supplier.
We can’t succeed until They become a better subcontractor.

At Corevist we believe that the only thing we can control in this world is our reaction to it.  

We can’t control the economy, our competition or the weather.  What we can control is whether we manage our finances well, focus on being the best that We can be, or the clothes that we choose.

If we don’t control our reaction to the world, we risk falling victim to it.  

If we feel victimized We will seek out a They to blame and the destructive death spiral will begin.

We at Corevist are not here to fail.

We at Corevist are here to build a better world.  A world that We can all take great pride in having created.

There is no They at Corevist.  There is only We.