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George Anderson


Snapshot of a global company

What’s life like at a global company offering ecommerce for SAP? It’s full of new implementations, ongoing product enhancements, and much more. Our clients’ needs are always evolving, and that makes our work exciting, challenging, and immensely rewarding.

Today, we’ll talk about the challenges and excitement we feel when we launch new projects. To ground this perspective in the real world, we’ll take a snapshot of 5 new ecommerce implementations which we’re about to launch.

We’re all data junkies at Corevist. So here are the numbers, the people and projects behind them, and what it all means to us.

5 projects in 5 cities on 4 continents

Our growth isn’t confined to a single country or continent. As a cloud-based solution, Corevist Commerce serves B2B buyers all over the globe. These 5 new projects are no different. They reflect the same diversity that makes our work immensely satisfying. Our new clients call a wide variety of cities and continents home:

  • St. Paul, Minnesota, US
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Folkestone, Kent, UK
  • Seoul, South Korea

78 change requests logged in 1 Project Initiation Workshop (just as predicted)

Whenever we begin a new SAP ecommerce implementation, we start with a Project Initiation Workshop. This two-day, in-person event puts real Corevist software in front of real stakeholders and asks, “Why can’t we put this into production today?”

Yes, it’s a provocative question.

Over the years, we’ve learned that the Project Initiation Workshop usually produces around 75 change requests—75 customizations that our new client would like to add to our out-of-the-box solution. (By the way, we love this part of the process. It allows us to partner with our client to prioritize the most important customizations now and put others on the back burner, to be rolled out in the future.)

In our most recent Project Initiation Workshop, we told our client they would probably uncover 75 change requests. The workshop finished with 78 change requests.

Maybe next time, we’ll hit it on the dot. 😊

The point is, we don’t only offer technology to our clients. Because that technology changes their business, we also help them with the relevant change management. When we ask all these people to get in a room together, it’s often the first time they all meet in person to discuss how the project will affect their responsibilities. You’d be amazed at how much email and Slack can’t uncover these kinds of synergies (and risks). You really have to get everyone together, show them the working software, and ask why we can’t launch it today.

You might say our project initiation plan includes some consulting, but that’s not true. It’s actually anti-consulting. Why? Because we end up advising our clients to limit the scope of the initial rollout, rather than packing in as much functionality as possible. But that’s the topic of another post: What A Smart Ecommerce Rollout Plan Looks Like.

5 companies from 5 vastly different markets (all B2B) doing $6.3B total

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 10 years, it’s that no two SAP B2B companies are the same. Our existing clients include all kinds of firms—from members of the Fortune 50, to smaller operations, and everything in between. Some of our clients’ brands are household names. Others aren’t well-known to consumers but are dominant players in massive B2B industries.

The annual revenue stats from 3 of those 5 new clients illustrate the wide range of companies we work with. (Note: These are the most recently available figures.)

  • Company A—$2.8 billion
  • Company B—$3 billion
  • Company C—$497 million
  • TOTAL—$6.3 billion

What does this mean for B2B? It means we’re revolutionizing SAP B2B ecommerce with the alternative to hybris that SAP manufacturers desperately need.

1 global solution revolutionizing SAP ecommerce

These four new clients came to Corevist from all around the globe. They looked for local solutions. They must not have found anything, because 3 Corevist people, 2 from the US and 1 from Germany, had to fly around the world to get these projects off the ground.

Why? Is there no one in the EU offering world-class SAP-integrated ecommerce? No one in Africa? No one else in the US?

We must have something pretty unique.

Here’s to Corevist and the revolution in SAP-integrated ecommerce.

Moving forward: FREE case study

Curious what a new Corevist implementation looks like? Download this case study on Mannington Mills, a leading flooring manufacturer. You’ll learn how Mannington used an Agile rollout plan to add a catalog after their ordering portal was up and running. The best part? They grew sales 150% in the digital channel after adding the catalog.

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