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May 2022

How Leading Manufacturers Beat Their Peers In B2B eCommerce Growth

It’s no secret that B2B eCommerce was growing before COVID, and that the pandemic accelerated that trend. But just how much is it growing? DigitalCommerce360 reports that manufacturers grew their B2B eCommerce revenue 18.4% in 2021, to $543.25 billion, while … Continued
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IT Exec Reflects On Homebrew Customer Portals

Here at Corevist, we frequently hear from manufacturers who need to replace a DIY customer portal. One IT executive recently described the journey this way: “We developed an in-house customer care portal that allowed customers to check orders and invoices … Continued
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Are Your B2B Vendor’s Interests Really Aligned with Yours?

For seasoned manufacturers, it’s hard to navigate the world of B2B portals and eCommerce. Whether your organization has an old solution that just isn’t working anymore, or you’ve never launched a B2B portal, it’s challenging to dive into the digital … Continued
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Corevist Announces Series B Investment To Fuel Growth

RALEIGH, NC, MAY 3, 2022 – Corevist, Inc. announced today their Series B Investment led by Jurassic Capital designed to accelerate the growth of the company, its continued commitment to excellence and service to existing and new clients. Kevin Mosley, … Continued
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