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January 2022

Top 4 Challenges Manufacturers Face As B2B Buying Processes Evolve

It’s no secret that B2B buying processes are changing fast. Purchasing agents were demanding Amazon-style experiences before the pandemic, but COVID has accelerated this trend. We’ve spoken with many organizations that weren’t equipped for this shift. Here are 4 challenges … Continued
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Build Or Buy? 3 Questions For Your B2B Portal Project

Manufacturers need B2B portals. The pandemic and rising digital expectations have made that clear. But should you build your own, taking full control of every aspect? Or should you choose a template-based solution that launches fast? As you can guess, … Continued
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Marketing Vs. IT: Who Gets To Define B2B eCommerce?

Marketing wants to sell more. IT wants to become more efficient—or at the very least, prevent technical debt. Everyone’s on the same team, but B2B eCommerce projects can really highlight the differences here. How do you move forward in B2B … Continued
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8 Ways Manufacturers Can Increase Sales With A B2B Portal

As manufacturers grapple with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is becoming clear: The customer relationship is now digital-first. And that means B2B portals are essential for manufacturers. But the purpose of a B2B portal isn’t only … Continued
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