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March 2017

Corevist is Heading to Magento Imagine 2017

We’re off to Magento Imagine 2017! It’s April so it must be time to go to Las Vegas.  It’s Magento Imagine time!
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Marketing Free Samples and Upselling in B2B eCommerce

Last updated January 28, 2021. If you’ve ever ordered products online from a company like Nordstroms, you know you can pick up 3-4 free samples at checkout. While we’re all used to this type of promotional experience in the B2C … Continued
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The Kimono Effect: Exposing SAP for eCommerce

Editor’s note: This post first appeared on Corevist’s original website, B2B2dot0, in 2009. We’ve merged this post with its followup and republished them here. While several years have passed since the original posts came out, the message is even more … Continued
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Multiple Line Items from Multiple Warehouses in SAP eCommerce

Your customers have one question: “When will I get the product?” When it comes to SAP eCommerce, customers want to know one thing: “When will I get the product?” For manufacturers with only one warehouse, this is a fairly simple … Continued
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