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February 2017

SAP eCommerce with Corevist: A Cool and Secure Solution

Airtight Security in SAP eCommerce At Corevist, we pay careful attention to a client’s pain points as we design and implement an SAP eCommerce solution. While every client is different, there’s one big, scary question that almost everyone asks. “Is … Continued
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There is no They at Corevist

How does Corevist deal with THEM? They, They, They.
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8 Reasons Why Single Sign On is Great for SAP B2B eCommerce

Updated Jul 20, 2022. Single Sign On (SSO) is a web technology that allows users to access a group of related but independent software systems. Rather than requiring a unique username and password at the login portal for each application, … Continued
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Goodbye Bank. Your New Software Sucks.

When software masks a deeper issue Banks are a commodity.  Their core business is to manage deposits, make loans and manage the spread between them.  They perform these activities under careful scrutiny and regulation by the Federal Government.  Banks primarily … Continued
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