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Sam Bayer


Your first meeting with Corevist

First off—thank you for your interest in Corevist Commerce! We’re excited to get to know more about you and your business in our first consultative meeting. I know how stressful it is to search for the right SAP ecommerce solution. That’s why I wanted to share a little perspective I’ve gained in a decade in this business. That way, we can all take a deep breath and relax during the meeting. Who knows, we may even be able to enjoy ourselves??? 😊

Perspective: Every company (including yours) has unique needs

Over the course of the last 10 years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of executives at B2B manufacturers who were at various stages of their ecommerce journey. From all these conversations, I’ve gleaned 3 general principles.

  1. No two companies have the same SAP ecommerce destination.
  2. No two companies will travel the same course to get there.
  3. No two companies are in the same place on their ecommerce journeys.

These 3 principles actually fuel our excitement in this business. We love hearing about you and your unique business needs.

In fact, that’s part of what we want to accomplish in the first consultative meeting.

Goals for our first meeting

At Corevist, we want to learn more about you and your company. What’s driving your project, who you are, where you are in your ecommerce journey, how much experience you have with ecommerce (if any). We also want to get a high-level understanding of your SAP landscape.

But we don’t just assume we have the right to ask those questions. Though we want to become your trusted advisor on SAP ecommerce, we realize that we aren’t there yet. We have to earn your trust. To start that journey, we’d like to demonstrate our offerings and our expertise in the meeting.

The Corevist Commerce demo: What you’ll see

The 3 building blocks of Corevist

In the demo portion of the meeting, we’ll show you Corevist Commerce integrated with our test SAP system in real time. Corevist Commerce can take many different configurations to meet the needs of different companies. However, 3 building blocks are present in every Corevist Commerce implementation. With these building blocks in place, our clients transact hundreds of millions of dollars in ecommerce revenue each year supporting a myriad of business models.  They sell to distributors, dealers and Corporate accounts with, and without, the assistance of a dedicated sales force. They also sell to consumers directly and via marketplaces like Amazon.

The 3 building blocks are:

  • An existing SAP system that is the One True Truth for business data.  
  • A Magento front end which manages the customer’s ability to find, learn about, and choose which products they want to buy
  • The Corevist component, a cloud based real-time, SAP NetWeaver certified integration which sits between SAP and Magento and creates a holistic SAP ecommerce solution out of them.  

Every single Corevist Commerce client has those 3 components in production today. But no two Corevist clients are the same—and because of that, the manner in which each of these building blocks is put together is different.

Our challenge in this meeting is to understand your needs. That way, we can advise and consult on the Corevist Commerce configuration that’s most suited to your business.

The configuration you’ll see: Full Corevist Commerce

Today, we’ll demonstrate the most sophisticated configuration of these 3 building blocks. It’s our standard configuration, which we recommend to most B2B companies who come our way. It may fit you like a well-tailored suit—or it may need some hems taken in.

If it fits, you can take what you’ll see in the meeting and put it into production in <90 days.

If it doesn’t quite fit, we can always talk about tailoring options, either in our first meeting or a future meeting. Rest assured that your ideal solution is totally achievable, whether that means a CPQ configurator, a slick B2C-style catalog, or anything in between.

Our methodology: Why can’t we put this into production today?

Because real-time SAP integration is our core competency, you’ll see a fully functional solution in the demo. You’ll also hear a question we love to ask:

  • “Why can’t we put this demo into production, for your company, today?”

This is a great introduction to our Agile Development methodology. It’s a foretaste of the approach we’ll take if you choose to work with us. Our projects are structured around targeted focus groups in which we demo your real, live ecommerce store for your internal stakeholders as well as your customers. By continuously asking, “Why can’t we put this into production today?”, we build an iterative approach that refines the solution based on real needs—the needs of your customers, sales reps, and customer service reps. 90 days later, the result is an SAP ecommerce solution that fits your business like a glove.

The takeaway: Looking forward to chatting soon!

Are you excited yet? I know I am. Wherever this meeting leads us—whether we ultimately work together or not—I look forward to learning more about you and your business. I hope you’ll learn valuable information from our demo and gain a new perspective of what’s possible in SAP ecommerce.

Until then… onward! 😊