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Here at Corevist, we’ve been serving manufacturers with SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce solutions since 2008. During that time, we’ve learned a lot about the order-to-cash (OTC) process and the tools and processes that help manufacturers be successful at it. We’ve used that experience and more than a decade of user data to create New Corevist Commerce.

New Corevist Commerce has some of the same best-in-class capabilities that can be found in our foundational product, now referred to as Classic Corevist Commerce, including a media-rich catalog, SAP-integrated shopping cart and self-service invoicing and payments.

It also boasts many new innovations that are designed to deploy more quickly, accelerate time-to-value, power a hyper-personalized user experience and allow expansive integrations with other order-to-cash applications. 

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Want to dig a little deeper? Here’s everything you need to know about New Corevist Commerce:


I. New vs. classic features & functionality

Features from Classic Corevist Commerce

New Corevist Commerce includes many of the best-in-class capabilities of Classic Corevist Commerce – but with a new look and feel:

  • Catalog browsing with rich content, intelligent search, AND cross-sell/upsell — PLUS personalized pricing, picklists, SKU permissions, and more, all driven by real-time SAP data. 
  • SAP-integrated shopping cart with relevant, personalized business rules enforced (e.g., pricing, inventory/ATP availability, RDD/EDD and minimum quantity), intelligent error messaging provided to the user, and orders with no errors are posted to SAP. 
  • Full account management capabilities with SAP integration. Our solutions offer complete order and invoice history for all channels, real-time order status and credit status, and real-time tracking integration with all major carriers.
  • Self-service invoice payments through integration with the payments provider of your choice. Transactions post to SAP instantly. 

NEW features & functionality

As the needs of manufacturers evolve, we continue to refine our offerings accordingly. Here are the net new features that are only available in New Corevist Commerce:

1. Dynamic, real-time reports from SAP

Every manufacturer has unique reports which play pivotal roles in the OTC cycle. New Corevist Commerce includes a Reports tab with some powerful functionality behind it. 

In essence, New Corevist Commerce dynamically pulls and displays any eCommerce-related SAP report into the portal. The app automatically populates the columns and rows that are defined in the report in SAP. No configuration or customization required. If your report changes in SAP, the user experience in Corevist automatically changes to match.

This functionality is native to New Corevist Commerce. Like so many features in Corevist, it can be restricted to specific users (or hidden altogether). 

2. Widget-based dashboard layout

The New Corevist Commerce supports an intuitive, widget-based layout for the dashboard (the first screen the user sees when logging on). At this time, the dashboard can show widgets for recently shipped orders, outstanding invoices, and price/availability check. 

We’ll continue building out our library of available widgets, and we welcome your input on what to build. 

3. New Corevist Commerce uses your SAP data to power a hyper-personalized user experience.  The app automatically knows who the user is and what to do with the data it retrieves from SAP. For example, the product catalog is pre-filtered based on that user’s sales area and inclusions and exclusions.

II. A fresh new UI driven by real customer conversations 

Our clients and prospects spoke, and we listened. On every sales call, we got feedback on our UI, design, and general usability.

The result is our new look and feel. As always with Corevist, this is just the beginning. Our user experience will keep getting better from here as we continue to engage our iterative customer feedback process.

III. A highly efficient front-end experience

Behind the scenes, the SAP integration of Corevist’s products remains unchanged. Our solutions are certified on both SAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA, and they access your SAP system via secure VPN. They provide real-time interaction with SAP for all data that’s essential to customer self-service related to ordering, tracking, and account management. 

But real-time SAP data is only one piece of the puzzle for your customers. We’re leveraging the latest and greatest front-end technologies to dramatically improve how your customers interact with you. The result is a faster-loading user interface, fewer clicks, more intuitive navigation. Caching the data, being able to refresh the data on demand, and being able to load widgets and data independently, all contribute to a better experience — one that gives the user total control.

How to take advantage of the New Corevist Commerce 

If you’re already a client, work with your PM to create a migration plan. If you’re new to Corevist, reach out to schedule a discovery call with our sales team. 

The New Corevist Commerce | Full SAP Integration Included | Corevist, Inc.

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