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Sam Bayer


It’s all about people!

Today is a first for Corevist.
After almost nine years in business, it is the first time that a client of ours sent us a thank you note for helping them launch their brand new SAP & Magento integrated B2B eCommerce websitehint hint hint.
I get that that is what they paid us to do and that they certainly didn’t have to take the time to write us the kind, warm and heartfelt thank you note that they did.  Nevertheless, it was a very kind gesture that reminded me that while standing up these websites entails an awful lot of technological dexterity, in the end it’s really all about people, making them successful and being appreciated for doing so.
It’s nice to remember that we’re all human beings here.

There are a few specifics about the email that I’d like to share with you.
First of all, I can’t say enough about the lovely pictures that accompanied the email.  Check out these happy customers of our client who are reveling in the ease of use and time saving functionality that is about to add value to their lives.  You may not think that matching, formulating and buying paint online is something to smile about, but these folks now do!
We love pictures.
Front OfficeShop FloorBack Office
Secondly, it never ceases to amaze me that what were merely abstract requirements just a few months ago are now real software being appreciated in the real business world by real human beings.  Everything that we’ve envisioned over the years, and have built into our product, is now a reality…it’s real and is being received exactly as we hoped it would!  In this case in French, German and English to start :-).
We at Corevist are all beaming like proud parents.  Every single one of us.
Here is a sampling of some of the feedback…

“… it was well received as it is now providing a full range of features to be used by many customers regardless how they are organized internally (small customer vs big ones with their own systems).

They like the fact that they can see their own prices after login. They love the order, shipment & invoice tracking capability so transparency is much valued.

Also the (phone) app was well received. One said that he doesn’t need to carry paper anymore as he can now scan the items needed while he is walking around in the warehouse.”

Thirdly, this was a rescue project.  We are the last in several attempts to bring all of the operational data in SAP to the web in a user and marketing friendly and responsive way.  This team of folks, both Corevist and at our Client, worked diligently for months to accomplish what previously couldn’t be done in years.  Yes, we’re all heroes!
Lastly, it’s great to know that we’re now an integral part of providing a differentiating competitive edge to a great client in a very crowded marketplace.  That makes me happy because I know that when our clients succeed we succeed.  Not only on a business level but on a personal level.
Why does that make me happy?
Because we’re all human and that’s what we’re supposed to do here on earth.  Help each other out.
Congratulations to all who worked on this project.  It’s something to really be proud of.