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Tomas Maza


You can’t get around having SAP material numbers. That’s how SAP determines what product is being specified in its database during a business transaction. It has to be in the quote. It has to be in the order. It has to be on the invoice. It has to go all the way through the system. It has to be there.

But, with the new product number enhancement for the Corevist eCommerce solution, you don’t ever have to worry about knowing what it is.

“In the past, when customers, sales reps, or customer service reps created quotes and orders, they would have to interpret what product was needed, cross reference the customer product number or the manufacturer part number, and then find the related SAP material number, which is what they used to actually create the order in SAP,” says Corevist Senior Implementation Consultant, Nathan Leach.

“But that created so much extra work for the reps or the end customer. To do their jobs more efficiently, they really need to be able to reference a number that the customer is familiar with (like the customer product number or a manufacturing part number), not a SAP material number that they’ve never seen before.”

“During implementation, we work with our clients to get all relevant customer product numbers and the manufacturer part numbers added to the material master in SAP. Once that data is added, we can customize the Corevist solution so when an incoming request to add a product to a quote or order goes into SAP, the system looks up the corresponding SAP number, and returns the customer and/or manufacturer provided product number to the form.”

“So from the rep’s and the customer’s perspective, they can use their customer specific part number or the manufacturer provided part number, and never have to worry about what the SAP material number is.”

The benefit doesn’t end there. Nearly every area of the Corevist solution (including invoice search and invoice display) can offer the improved product number functionality.

Corevist is always looking for new ways to enhance our solutions and make eCommerce easier. This feature will be included in all new implementations, as well as all upcoming upgrades to Version 3.0.

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