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The Bell & Howell B2B eCommerce site launched in June, 2014. Since then, monthly revenue from the site has increased by more than $750,000.

Ecommerce revolutionizes business for midmarket manufacturer

In June, 2014, Bell and Howell launched a new B2B eCommerce system that relies on Corevist’s cloud-based solution for real-time SAP® integration.

Now, just over 6 months later, the site is generating 8 times the revenue it generated after it launched.

More revenue.  More users.  More repeat customers. More of everything.
8 times more, in fact.

When the site launched in early summer 2014, Jim Feely, VP and General Manager of Service Solutions said, “The response has been huge. It’s night and day.”

“Customers have literally been applauding our changes. I think one of our customers said it best when he summed it up in one word, ‘Hallelujah.’”

“On our old site, we averaged 250 regular users per month. Just two months after the new site launched, we had 500 users. That number hadn’t changed in years and we doubled it in two months. The next month, we had over 600 users.”

More than 4,600 “hands free” transactions posted in SAP®

B2B SAP ecommerce revenue growth

8x more B2B sales, all processed without the help of Bell & Howell customer service reps.

The increased revenue from Bell & Howell’s B2B ecommerce site is just part of the ROI picture.  Why?  Because B2B customers were able to “self serve” their orders.

Prior to the site launch, these orders would have been manually entered by a CSR (otherwise known as a live human.) Now, those CSRs can shift their focus to other company initiatives, not routine order entry.  (Want to see how a system like this could do for you? Check out our ROI calculator.)


The worlds only cloud-based SAP® integration

This site uses our proprietary SAP® integration methodology to:

  • show real-time data from SAP® in the eCommerce catalog and shopping cart
  • post website orders into SAP®, in real-time
  • honor complex B2B business rules and contract-negotiated terms, right in the shopping cart
  • integrate Magento with SAP®

Download the Bell & Howell Case Study

Our case study tells how this company weathered bankruptcy and restructuring to emerge as a leaner, more efficient organization.  

Bell and Howell’s major goal with this initiative was to win back lost customers and revive a struggling replacement parts business.  

In less than six months they have done exactly what they set out to do.  

We’re happy we were able to help.