Client Stories

Mannington Mills

Learn how Mannington Mills grew sales 150% with a B2C-style catalog. B2B ecommerce comes in many flavors. For some companies, a simple B2B ordering portal is enough. It allows power users to place orders by SKU, but it doesn't provide rich content, recommended products, or cross-selling/upselling. Mannington knew they needed more.
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LORD Corporation needed to re-platform a 10-year-old SAP solution that was being sunset thanks to SAP’s hybris acquisition. Leaving the old system in place threatened their ability to upgrade ECC 6. At a minimum, the company needed to replicate features they already had. They couldn’t go backwards and they couldn’t waste any time. They needed to move fast. Luckily they called us.
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Bell & Howell

The term “spare parts” may conjure up visions of junk yards, but with industrial manufacturers, spare parts represent an opportunity worth billions of dollars for companies willing to manage after-market logistics. Bell and Howell has proven that it’s not only willing but able to play the parts game, and win.
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