The challenge

InHealth Technologies is a leading manufacturer of voice restoration products. The company had a B2B ecommerce solution that couldn’t share real-time data with SAP. It showed inventory availability, but customer service reps had to check SAP for the truth and update this data manually. By the time a web order reached customer service, reps had to look in SAP to see if the product was actually available. If it was, they had to update inventory data in the B2B ecommerce database to align with what SAP showed.

Customers weren’t too pleased with this situation. Why couldn’t they get an immediate response on when their product would ship? Why did they have to follow up, on their own initiative, to get information that most companies provided automatically? It seemed odd to customers that they had to place an order, then call customer service to ask if the product was available.

Clearly, InHealth Technologies needed to solve their B2B ecommerce problem—and SAP integration was the core issue.

The solution

InHealth Technologies chose Corevist Commerce Cloud to replace their old B2B ecommerce solution. Corevist Commerce Cloud includes prebuilt SAP integration built and maintained by SAP experts. This was central for InHealth Technologies. Verónica Beltrán, marketing manager, put it this way: “It was obvious that Corevist had a lot more experience with SAP than the other company that we evaluated. Our IT team advised us that Corevist was the best option. Corevist provided clarity and detail on working with SAP.”

Digital revenue grew 20% with the new solution, as a great user experience with trustworthy data made it easy for customers to spend more in the webstore.  The company conquered the challenges surrounding product availability and transparency—but they went above and beyond as well. Now InHealth Technologies’ customers can see real-time data for order history and status, shipment tracking numbers, invoices, and credit status. Verónica explained: “Customers who had used the old store are telling us, ‘I love this. I don’t have to call to get information. I can get it 24/7.’ That’s a huge win for customers—and for us.”

“I compared our performance on the old store vs. Corevist Commerce Cloud. We increased our B2B ecommerce revenue 20%. Our demographic is older patients, not young patients who are tech savvy. The fact that they’re willing to transition from emailing orders to using the website says a lot.”

—Verónica Beltrán, marketing manager


Corevist Commerce Cloud

Your smart path to B2B eCommerce mastery.

Don’t let anyone push you to bite off more than you can chew. Your organization needs real-world experience to learn the ropes. Start with Corevist Commerce Cloud, and you’ll introduce your customers to digital business processes. Once you’ve got a healthy digital channel, you can expand to get our most sophisticated capabilities.

   Rich product content in your catalog
   Self-service product configuration
   Credit card payment supported at checkout
   Support for robust third-party integrations

A smart path to digital mastery makes all the difference. Customers will love doing business with you, and you’ll avoid the pitfalls that come with massive waterfall projects. Since Corevist Commerce Cloud is a managed solution with deep, prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.

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