An Account Portal Customers Will Actually Use.

How 3A Empowered Their Customers With 100% Self-Service Account Management.

3A Composites partnered with Corevist to launch a post-order-entry SAP customer portal that features real-time ERP data. The new site gives 3A’s customers the ability to track orders and reprint documents such as order confirmations, invoices, and more. 3A’s goal was to make it as easy as possible for B2B customers to self-serve routine order management needs through the website.

All well and good—but 3A Composites needed to drive customer adoption of the new Customer Account portal.

That was harder than you might think. 3A’s customers were accustomed to ordering via phone, email, EDI and fax, which meant they turned to these channels whenever they had routine questions about order status, product inventory, or delivery status.

Here’s how we helped 3A’s customers transition to online account management with the Corevist Account Portal.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How we leveraged 3A’s investment in SAP ECC 6.0.
  • How we integrated with a fax-to-SAP order processing solution.
  • How we achieved phenomenal user adoption rates in a short period of time.
  • How we improved operational efficiency and reduced overhead.

Download the case study