How A Fortune 500 Pharma Company Scaled Up To Global B2B eCommerce

The challenge

Our client, a Fortune 500 pharma manufacturer, needed to replace an outdated B2B portal, then scale up for global B2B eCommerce. The old portal ran on SAP WCEM, and a troublesome ERP integration made it unusable. Our client needed an affordable solution with a rock-solid integration to SAP ERP. 

The company also needed an approach that could support their rollout plan. In Phase I, they wanted to introduce sales reps to the B2B portal. Once reps had experienced the power of the portal, Phase II called for reps to act as evangelists to customers, helping to onboard them. The ideal B2B eCommerce solution would empower sales reps and customers—and it would scale easily, with minimal additional investment, for multiple spinoff sites around the globe.

The solution

This Fortune 500 company chose Corevist Scale to replace their B2B portal. Since the Corevist Platform includes prebuilt, configurable SAP integration, the company got the rock-solid user experience their customers needed, with deep personalization for critical data like contract pricing, availability, order tracking, and account history.  

Sales reps loved the portal, and they quickly acted as evangelists, bringing customers on board. With this success under their belts, the company scaled up their B2B eCommerce program, launching Corevist spinoff sites in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, US, France, and Korea.

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Corevist Scale

Your smart path to B2B eCommerce mastery.

Corevist Scale offers our most sophisticated capabilities.

  • Rich product content in your catalog
  • Self-service product configuration
  • Credit card payment supported at checkout
  • Support for robust third-party integrations

Since the Corevist Platform is a managed solution with deep, prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.

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