Their Legacy B2B Portal Was No Longer Supported

Our client had a B2B portal for their customers, but the solution ran on SAP WCEM. SAP was sunsetting the solution, and it was time to pivot as the next chapter began.

While re-platforming presented a new challenge, it also gave our client an opportunity to address three major issues they’d experienced with WCEM:

  • A troublesome SAP ERP integration that had rendered the portal unusable
  • Site speed issues and lack of mobile friendliness
  • No SSO (single-sign-on) login

Our client knew they needed to find a fresh approach to B2B portals and eCommerce.


Real-Time SAP Integration To Drive Customer Personalization

Our client knew firsthand the importance of SAP integration. The WCEM portal couldn’t provide reliable data from SAP ERP, which hampered customer experience and personalization. Since the company already had all the data and logic they needed in SAP ERP, it made no sense to rebuild it in the new B2B portal (or in a separate integration platform). The new solution had to include SAP integration.

Highly Performant, Mobile-Friendly Interface

Our client vowed to create a better experience for customers—one that worked on any device and loaded fast. A templatized look and feel was just fine, as all users would be known customers, and the portal would sit behind a login. The experience just had to be intuitive, functional, mobile-ready, and fast.

Easy Adoption For Sales Reps And Customers

Our client knew that B2B eCommerce adoption might be a challenge for some long-time customers. Self-service would ultimately offer a better customer experience (not to mention lower costs), but some customers might need a human touch to help them make the transition.

Our client planned to onboard sales reps first, get them excited about the portal, then task them with onboarding customers. That meant the B2B eCommerce solution had to work for both user types, offering functionality like customer account selection and on-behalf-of ordering.

Ready For SSO Integration

SSO (single-sign-on) integration is a must-have for sales reps. It was inconvenient for them to log into the company’s CRM and B2B portal on separate screens with separate usernames and passwords. SSO would be key to turning sales reps into evangelists, and the whole customer onboarding plan depended on passionate sales reps.

Lean, Scalable Architecture For Efficient Global Rollout

After sales reps onboarded customers to the first portal, our client planned to scale their solution globally with multiple spinoff sites. They didn’t want to build and maintain separate SAP integrations for each site, as that would be a serious burden. Their ideal solution would include a scalable SAP integration architecture.

Why This F500 Pharma Company Chose Corevist

Our client evaluated several solutions, but they couldn’t find anything that met their integration requirements, fit their budget, and offered a clear path for scaling across the globe without significant duplicate investments.

Corevist Commerce Cloud was different. With comprehensive, real-time SAP integration included out of the box, Corevist was flexible enough to start as a web portal for sales reps, then scale up to customer-facing B2B eCommerce in multiple geographies when the time was right. All along the way, our client wouldn’t take on unnecessary technical debt.


Corevist Commerce Cloud–Deep Personalization Included Through SAP Integration

This Fortune 500 company chose Corevist Commerce Cloud to deliver the great customer experience and deep personalization (through SAP integration) that were lacking in their old B2B portal. Corevist’s comprehensive integration supported the complexity of their transactions and provided the personalization that customers needed. Every user got the price and availability information they required to complete transactions. And when it came to post-order care, every customer could see their entire order and invoice history, plus real-time status updates for individual orders, shipments, and invoices.

With Corevist Commerce Cloud, this Fortune 500 company leveraged their existing SAP business data and logic in the portal. This saved them from duplicating and supporting all that complexity in multiple systems as they grew their global B2B eCommerce program. And because Corevist Commerce Cloud integrates with SAP directly (and real in time), the solution just “works.” It always shows the right information to each logged-in user.


Rising Revenue And Conversion Rates Among Reps And Customers

Our client saw growth every time we rolled out Corevist Commerce Cloud in a new geography. While different cultures, audiences, and roles influence the statistics, one trend shows across them all: B2B eCommerce has increased the value that our client offers their customers.

Key stats, quarter-over-quarter for the first 6 months after each rollout:

  • +25% sales from German sales reps
  • +11% sales from Dutch customers
  • +25% conversion rate from UK customers
  • +93% conversion rate from US customers

A Trusted Partner Maintaining Data Integrity Through SAP Integration

Our client knew it didn’t make sense to create duplicate SAP integration solutions for each B2B eCommerce store around the globe. Since Corevist Commerce Cloud includes scalable, real-time SAP integration, our client launched the global B2B eCommerce program they needed without increasing technical debt. Corevist upgrades, manages, and supports the B2B eCommerce architecture from top to bottom. Our client didn’t have to bring on additional IT resources to run the new solution. The company can focus on its core business while Corevist keeps the B2B portal working smoothly.


Corevist Commerce Cloud

Your smart path to B2B eCommerce mastery.

Corevist Commerce Cloud offers our most sophisticated capabilities.

Rich product content in your catalog
Self-service product configuration
Credit card payment supported at checkout
Support for robust third-party integrations

Since Corevist Commerce Cloud is a managed solution with deep, prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.

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