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Tomas Maza


Not every day is a fun day at work.

Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against us.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work we have to accomplish and the rate at which it’s piling up.  And sometimes we have a less than pleasant day at work simply because we have to deal with clients and partners who are just a pain to deal with.

Corevist’s Sr. Implementation Consultant Ray Mannion has found the perfect way to deal with those difficult to work with companies…(who shall remain nameless but is probably the leading vendor in the SAP® Payment Processing field and one that we seem to have to work with alot :-()… he blogs.


That Company

We never want to become “That Company”.

“That Company” is the one you think of and your heart sinks because you know you are on your own.  Asking them for support is like herding cats, catching a fly with chopsticks, or banging your head on the wall.  The buck gets passed to various people but nobody seems to simply answer your question or give you what you need.

We see it with SAP® support all the time.  Especially with offshore ABAP developers.  You have phone calls, emails, meetings, approvals, questions and still things don’t work.  It makes us crazy and wonder if we are speaking Vulcan or something.  Or, large entities consumed with their own complex infrastructure that nobody even seems to know whose job it is to answer the question!

At Corevist, we talk about “That Company” all the time.  We will never be “That Company” and it is deeply rooted in core cultural tenets.

Let’s make it easy to do business with us.

Eliminating obstacles and barriers is what we do.  If you have a question, we will call you, email you, set up a gotomeeting or a conference call and tackle the issue right away.  We don’t demand lengthy forms or approvals.  We’re reasonable, simple, and agile enough to focus on our partner’s success.  The success of your business is our success too so we eliminate anything which impedes you from getting what you need from us.

We are never the bottleneck.

All Corevist employees are keenly aware when a project or solution depends upon our individual contribution.  We talk daily and lean on each other for help when there are urgent matters that need responses.  “If I can’t accomplish it in a timely manner, I have teammates who will jump in to help.”

Hire the best people.

The Corevist team is composed of seasoned eCommerce veterans with an average of more than 20 years experience each.  Our SAP® experts have been working with the order-to-cash modules of SAP® and the ABAP programming language since the 90’s.  Your questions are not fielded by junior developers in a support center.  You constantly have a direct line to someone motivated and HIGHLY CAPABLE to deliver solutions.

There is no ‘they’ at Corevist

We love our flat corporate hierarchy because there is no group of people to whom we can refer to as “they”.  As in, “when are they going to fix it” or “until they change, we can’t proceed”.  At Corevist, “they” is “we”.  We are all empowered to make improvements in processes, applications, or tools.  You can’t pass the buck very far in a flat, tight organization like Corevist.

Although it is frustrating when we have to deal with “That Company”, we at Corevist relish the moments when our commitment to responsive, professional, knowledgeable support can shine through.


Ray Mannion