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Corevist’s pilot with Windstream’s private cloud services

In recent weeks, Justin Diana, VP of Operations has been exploring ways to improve the scalability of our IT architecture so we can efficiently respond to rapid growth.   Here’s a behind the scenes look at Justin’s quest to make Corevist more Agile.

“Every year, we process over 15 million SAP B2B eCommerce transactions from 131 different countries on behalf of our clients,” Justin said. “And they depend on us to be ‘always on.’ From the very beginning, we’ve committed a tremendous amount of energy and resources to build a data center that allows us to deliver on that promise.”

“I’m proud to say that even with the explosive growth we experienced in recent years, we not only met our contractual SLA, but last year we were able to upgrade it from 99.5% to 99.9%. That upgrade was the result of a large-scale infrastructure investment we made last March.”

“Since then, we’ve continued to experience rapid growth. But, now that growth is creating new pressure to find better ways to efficiently scale our IT infrastructure.”

“To date, we’ve managed everything in our private data center, including all of our development environments, our QA systems, and our clients’ production sites.”

“Managing a data center like ours is extremely complex and requires significant, dedicated resources to procure, install, configure and monitor all the necessary hardware, software, services and upgrades.”

“When the company was founded in 2008, storing information ‘in the cloud’ was a fairly new concept, and certainly not a fully tested one in production environments.  But in the years since, the cloud has become a more secure and sophisticated storage solution.”

“This month, we’re starting a pilot program to test Windstream’s Private Cloud Services on some of our non-essential, non-production programs and services.”

“Corevist’s infrastructure is already located at Windstream. And the fact that we can leverage Windstream’s cloud within our existing, secure, private data center was a huge deciding factor for us,” says Justin.

“Assuming the pilot program goes well, then we’ll permanently move some of our non-essential programs and services to the private cloud. After that, we’ll explore the viability of moving some of our core systems, which could include our clients’ production sites.”

“I’m really excited to test Windstream’s offering,” Justin said.  “If we can leverage this resource in a way that doesn’t compromise our availability or security, then from an IT perspective, we will have access to unlimited resources for growth and expansion. We’ll also be able to speed up our on-boarding process for new clients.”


Justin Diana has over 15 years of experience in the technical, software and networking industries. Justin focuses on managing our data center operations to ensure our SLA’s are met, our products are secure and our customers and partners can sleep at night knowing we have our product infrastructure well under control.

About “Behind the Scenes”

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