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Corevist begins development on new shareable cart feature

In response to a client request, Senior Implementation Consultant, Ray Mannion, was charged with developing cart sharing capabilities for Corevist’s eCart solution. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how we’re creating a solution for a common business problem.

October is a very busy month for TISCO, an aftermarket parts distributor for tractor, combine and other agricultural parts, and a recently acquired subsidiary of long time Corevist customer Blount International.

Every year, TISCO is flooded with orders as their customers prepare to stock up for the winter. While a boom in business is always good, this flood means high stress and long hours for TICSO’s sales and customer service reps.

“These are large and complicated stock-up orders,” says Mannion. “And before customers place the order, they want TISCO sales reps to review everything and tweak the order, to make sure they’re getting the best deals and taking advantage of as many discounts as possible.”

“For example, say there’s an offer of free shipping if you buy $1,000 worth of products. Within a single company, you could have multiple users making separate lists of what they need to order. If they place those orders separately, they could miss out on the shipping discount.”

“So what ends up happening is that these multiple separate orders are all sent to a TISCO sales rep to sort out. And TISCO came to us pretty much saying, ‘There’s got to be a better way.’ And that’s what we’re building.”

With Corevist’s new sharable cart feature, these users will be able to share a single cart with each other, building on another user’s existing order, instead of everyone creating separate orders. “And then they’ll be able to share that cart with TISCO’s sales reps, to do a final review. So it’s a win-win. It’s easier for TISCO’s customers to place orders, and it reduces the manual internal work that TISCO’s sales reps and CSRs have to do, reconciling and consolidating orders from multiple contacts within the same customer company.”

“TISCO described this as a ‘must have’ feature to make it through the next wave of seasonal ordering. And that’s what we do, we find solutions to business problems, and then work to implement the solution in a timely manner.”


Ray Mannion specialized in SAP® consulting for 20 years prior to joining Corevist in 2011. His skill set spanned both the technical and functional aspects of the order-to-cash process. His list of clients included manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, medical devices manufacturers, book publishing, international trading, consumer products, and US government projects.
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