As a distributor, you face unique challenges in ecommerce. You need accurate ecommerce data and reduced order errors, which means lots of moving parts have to play well together. The good news? Corevist Commerce is built with your unique needs in mind. With real-time integration to SAP, omnichannel order management, and more, Corevist Commerce excels at wholesale distribution.



Whether your business is primarily manufacturing or distribution, eCommerce makes your household products available 24/7/365. Your customers can log in to restock their shelves with everything they need to run their household products department. With real-time inventory checks against SAP, your eCommerce store provides your customers with accurate information and helps you close the sale.



Selling bicycles, parts, and supplies wholesale comes with its own unique set of challenges. eCommerce to the rescue! Your dealers can log in and buy the SKU they need, when they need it. In the world of Amazon, that can mean the difference between losing and closing the sale. When your dealers are empowered, the customer at the desk walks away happy. The dealer gets the sale, and so do you.



Though paper consumption has decreased, the office supply industry has only become more complex. Every office chair in your catalog has countless variations and options. Is it really possible to sell such highly configurable products through eCommerce? Absolutely! Our Configit integration utilizes SAP’s variant configuration module to return all product options from SAP to the eCommerce store. Now that’s powerful.



Selling beauty products wholesale creates unique challenges. But what if your salons and franchises could log in and place self-service orders, 24×7? eCommerce can empower you to offer this kind of service. Your customers will be happier, you’ll see less of a burden on your Customer Service department, and you’ll capture new revenue, particularly in the Millennial segment. Looks like a win-win.



Is it possible to sell wholesale art supplies with B2B eCommerce? Yes! A 24x7x365 web ordering portal enables schools and retailers to log in and buy what they need, when they need it. Rich product catalogs allow you to display the nuance of every hue and texture in your paints, colored pencils, and pastels. This ensures your customers get exactly what they need.

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SAP eCommerce in the cloud.

We leverage your SAP® system for eCommerce–in real time, with real data, for real people. We minimize batch updates. We display real-time inventory, contract pricing, credit limits, and more in your e-Commerce portal, and we post orders to SAP without a human touch.

We’re integrated with your SAP system on day 1 and spend the next 89 days customizing to your liking.


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