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Coming soon – Display SAP Reports on your website

Rather than spending countless hours replicating an existing SAP report on the web, Senior Implementation Consultant, Ray Mannion, and his development team got to work building a dynamic machine to display reports automatically. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how Corevist makes it easier for clients to get the information they need, fast.

Corevist has built a new feature that will dynamically submit an SAP report and display it to a user on the web. “Often our clients will have an existing report in their SAP system, and they want to display the same information to their customers on their website,” said Ray.

In the past, making this information available on the web would require Corevist to analyze a client’s SAP report and clone it with modifications to display data on the website. “There’s an enormous amount of coding and custom logic that goes into creating these reports. In the past, the effort required to mimic a one-time report was wasteful and redundant.”

But soon, clients will be able to give Corevist an existing SAP report to run (using the name of the report and some of the input values), and Corevist will use the newly built dynamic engine to make these reports available quickly and easily. “In the past if they wanted to expose that report data on the web, it could mean 3-5 days of effort for an additional fee.. But now with this new feature, it’s just a simple set of configuration entries.”

Examples include:

  • Sales history reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Detailed order tracking information
  • Complex payment terms Customer price lists
  • Customer statements


Ray Mannion specialized in SAP® consulting for 20 years prior to joining Corevist in 2011. His skill set spanned both the technical and functional aspects of the order-to-cash process. His list of clients included manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, medical devices manufacturers, book publishing, international trading, consumer products, and US government projects.

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