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Sam Bayer


Skip the heart attack, talk to Corevist!

SAP manufacturers are finding out that integrating Magento to SAP is the best way to bring eCommerce to their customers. But it’s no simple matter. This is a quote from a LinkedIn message that I received on Thanksgiving Day:

“Most of the companies in Brazil are using SAP, and that integration, historically has been seen as a nightmare. If I could have more technical info about COREVIST and train my people to use it, I would save literally lives, jobs, maybe companies, I am not exaggerating after the experiences that I had.”

My newfound Brazilian friend goes on to say:

“MAGENTO is about 70% of e-commerce platform. And major medium and big companies use SAP. They need a B2B and B2C channel.  I already saw a guy almost have a heart attack facing the pressure of that integration.  It is not human.”

I have good news for you minha amiga.  This isn’t a uniquely Brazilian story.  It’s a universal one that we’ve seen throughout the US, Europe (especially Germany and the UK), throughout all of LATAM and we’re now increasingly seeing from the Asia Pacific countries.  You are not alone!

What you expressed in those few heartfelt sentences perfectly encapsulates the essence of why Corevist exists.

We take the cost, complexity and heartache of integrating Magento with SAP off the table.

This allows Magento professionals to focus on what they do best (provide great user experiences) and SAP professionals to focus on what they do best (operate the commercial and fulfillment aspects of the business).  Corevist has transformed the integration of the two platforms from an expensive, complicated, and evidently life threatening endeavor, into a commodity.  A life valuing commodity.

I’ve often felt that our mission went way beyond delivering an affordable world class SAP Magento Integrated B2B eCommerce solution.  I had no idea that our true mission is to…save lives! :-)

OK, maybe that’s a little over the top.  However, as I ponder the things that I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day, aside from my family and health, I’m thankful to be associated with our growing Corevist ecosystem of employees, clients and partners.  With so much of the world tearing itself apart over diverging views on religion and politics, we at Corevist get to build bridges.  Those bridges are not only technological but international, corporate, departmental and best of all, human bridges.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate the holiday.  To those that don’t, it’s still OK to take time out and focus on what you’re thankful for.

As far as my Brazilian friend is concerned, we’re going to try and help him.  Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic.  My experience is that low wage economies aren’t quite ready for us yet.  They think that our cloud based solution is too expensive when compared to the alternative of throwing inexpensive programmers at the task.

But maybe overall we’ll be cheaper when you throw hospital expenses into the mix!

We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.