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April 2022

Eyes Wide Open As You Evaluate Implementation Partners

When a manufacturer launches their first B2B portal, it can feel like a leap of faith. Without deep domain expertise in B2B solutions, you’re essentially trusting that you’ve chosen the right implementation partner to build and launch the right solution. … Continued
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3 Keys To A Thriving Digital Channel After COVID

No doubt about it, COVID-19 has changed manufacturers’ sales models forever. Phone, fax, and email are out. Digital self-service is the way forward. But does the shift work? Are customers rewarding organizations that adopt digital self-service? Absolutely. As Digitalcommerce360 reports, … Continued
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Custom Distributor Portal: 3 Things To Weigh Carefully

Manufacturers desperately need distributor portals. Supply chain disruption and rising digital expectations have made self-service portals essential. This is especially true as manufacturers push to retire phone, fax, and email interaction with distributors. Yet when manufacturers look at digital solutions, … Continued
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