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November 2019

Shopify Plus Vs. Corevist

Shopify Plus Vs. Corevist It’s not often that Corevist Commerce gets compared to Shopify Plus. Corevist is built for global manufacturers running SAP ERP, while Shopify Plus is built for retail brands. That said, manufacturers sometimes come to us having … Continued
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Top 2 Friction Points In B2B Ecommerce UX

B2B Ecommerce UX Here’s a hard question: What’s the most annoying thing in your customer experience? Whether your customers can order online, or must order by phone/fax/email, it’s worth stepping back and asking this question. A recent survey of 700 … Continued
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Work Hard (Then Play Hard): Corevist’s 2019 Annual Retreat

Above: The Corevist team & spouses in Savannah, GA. Corevist 2019 Annual Retreat Corevist has been a virtual company from Day 1, with Slack and Zoom video calls facilitating most of our communication. But as any virtual worker will tell … Continued
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5 Keys To A Thriving Global Ecommerce Business

Global Ecommerce Success In a recent article, Digitalcommerce360 reported on Unilever’s success with global ecommerce. The company is thriving due to their templatized ecommerce infrastructure—and due to the feedback process which they instituted to shape each local ecommerce store. At … Continued
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