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November 2018

4 Critical Factors For Spare Parts Strategy in 2021

Spare Parts Strategy in 2021 Updated April 28, 2021 As more and more B2B buyers turn to online distributors to buy spare parts, manufacturers are encountering a problem. They’re losing business. Why? To put it simply, if you’re not selling … Continued
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Crafting Your Ecommerce Rollout Care Package

Helping your customers transition to ecommerce As you build your B2B ecommerce rollout plan, it’s crucial that you don’t stop at technology. There is no ecommerce business without a platform, and yet, the business is so much more than the … Continued
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Knowledge Sync: Our Cross-Functional Customization Reviews

Knowledge Sync at Corevist Cross-functional knowledge is crucial at any tech company, but we feel it’s especially important at Corevist. The nature of our SAP-integrated ecommerce solution, and the fact that we’re a virtual company, offer unique opportunities and challenges … Continued
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Ecommerce Is A Product–And It Needs An Owner

Defining Your Ecommerce Product Owner If you’re an industrial manufacturer, you have a clear-cut line of products. But one of your most important products doesn’t have an SKU defined in SAP. It’s your customer experience. Your customer experience can differentiate … Continued
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