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June 2018

Suite vs. Best of Breed In SAP Ecommerce

Should you buy a suite that covers all your business software needs? Or should you purchase best-of-breed solutions and integrate them? It’s a question as old as enterprise software, and it’s totally relevant for SAP e commerce. Vendors always want … Continued
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From Threat to Thriving: Partnering with Sales for Ecommerce Success

Sales + Ecommerce: From Threat to Thriving Managing the transformation to SAP-integrated ecommerce is no walk in the park, especially at a B2B manufacturer. At a high level, you know you need to move customer relationships to ecommerce.But when you … Continued
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Teradata Sues SAP for IP Theft and Anti-Trust Violations – HANA’s Future in Jeopardy?

Did I just write that? SAP accused of monopolistic behavior? SAP HANA’s future might be in jeopardy?  Say what? Yup. One week ago today Teradata, a US based >$2B software provider of database and analytics related products and services, filed … Continued
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4 Ways CIOs Can Win in #DigitalTransformation

Winning in #DigitalTransformation Our friends at Rimini Street recently conducted a study on the challenges CIOs face when it comes to innovation. The study surveyed 900 IT executives evenly distributed between EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. All in all, the … Continued
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