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May 2018

Why 97% of Procurement Managers Demand a Customer Portal

Customer portals: Make-or-break From a recent survey on the preferences of 160 B2B buyers, Avionos reports that a customer portal is a critical factor for 97% of procurement officers when they go to select a supplier. For an industry that’s … Continued
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Manufacturers: Use the SAP Terrain to Your Advantage

The power of home field advantage in B2B manufacturing What can B2B manufacturers learn from history? A whole lot. Today we’ll reflect on “home turf” and what it means for manufacturers who are looking to get into ecommerce. We’ll look … Continued
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Build Or Buy? The Big Question in SAP Ecommerce

Build or Buy Your B2B Ecommerce Website? If you’re looking to launch SAP-integrated B2B ecommerce, should you buy a third-party solution or build your own? Which path provides the greatest value? What are the risks of each path? These are … Continued
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The Pain of B2B Replatforming (It’s Real)

B2B Replatforming: The Pain Is Real Now way around it—switching your SAP ecommerce platform is incredibly hard. You’ve invested in a system and you’d like to keep the status quo if you can. Your existing platform has worked for years, … Continued
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