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January 2018

Achieving The Perfect Order In SAP B2B eCommerce

Ah, the perfect order… Oracle NetSuite has a great whitepaper that examines this topic from a B2C perspective (and corroborates our belief that the ERP system is key to the perfect order). Really, “the perfect order” isn’t a new concept. … Continued
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Using Quotes in SAP eCommerce to Simplify Your Business

Quotes in SAP eCommerce In many B2B markets, quotes form the backbone of the sales process. They allow B2B companies to negotiate pricing with their customers and store that information in SAP for a specified period of time. But how … Continued
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Who Do You Call When eCommerce Goes Down?

Who ya gonna call when e-commerce goes down? Every IT vendor with their hat in the ring frames the ecommerce question as a matter of technology. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a matter of your core business … Continued
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Ten Years Strong: Thanks for a Decade of Corevist!

Happy 10th Anniversary! Wow. Today marks ten years of Corevist. That’s ten years of rewriting the rules in SAP e-commerce. Ten years of positive growth. Ten years of working to satisfy our clients. In the software market, a decade in … Continued
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