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November 2015

A Tale of Two SAP Magento B2B Integration Woes

Cloning SAP, but not eCommerce… In the world of SAP integrations to Magento, pitfalls abound. We’re dealing with serious complexity here, and it’s easy for companies to lose their heads trying to figure it out. Today’s story is all about how … Continued
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Getting the inside scoop on how customers really use your site

When customers look at an order page on your B2B website, do you know exactly how they interact with the features? Have you ever wondered if people are actually clicking the button you want them to? You’re not alone...
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Leverage Your SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce Investments

  Leverage Your SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce Investments In my last post, I announced that the cost and complexity of launching an SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce website have been driven down to the point where you could actually justify the … Continued
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An SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce Website for One Customer?

One customer. One B2B eCommerce website. Say that again? Yes, that’s right.  An entire B2B website for a single client. Corevist has been underwritten to implement our cloud based SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce service  by a distributor of networking equipment … Continued
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