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April 2015

What Really Motivates SAP® B2B eCommerce Projects?

The really drives people to pursue SAP B2B eCommerce? By now, everyone knows about the “big two” drivers for SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce projects: revenue growth and cost savings.  While the spreadsheet huggers love those two, the more strategic thinkers … Continued
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New Feature: Save time and effort with saved shopping carts

Saved shopping carts in B2B eCommerce We’ve just added a new feature to our SAP®-integrated shopping cart. Now, your B2B customers can save multiple carts to reuse for frequently placed orders. Saved carts allow your logged-in customers to: Name and save … Continued
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Integrating Oracle Commerce with SAP® ERP – When Beauty Meets the Beast

Say hello to Oracle-SAP eCommerce! Last week, with the help of the team at DSS-Partners, Corevist unveiled the industry’s first cloud based real time integration of an Oracle Commerce B2B webstore with an SAP® ERP system. Via our Corevist SAP® … Continued
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