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June 2014

Paypal for SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce?

PayPal + SAP eCommerce “Paypal” and “SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce” in the same sentence?  Isn’t Paypal used for buying stuff on eBay and other consumer oriented websites?  I’ve been in the SAP® B2B eCommerce business for an awfully long time … Continued
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Holy Cow! Farming Value From Your SAP® B2B eCommerce Website.

From the farm to the web! In 2012, the Agriculture Industry’s leading provider of nutrients to America’s dairy farmers (I’ll call them CowCo) had a simple problem. The time had come to get on the web. After 7 years of … Continued
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Magento Remains Safe Choice for SAP® Integrated eCommerce Websites and Delivers Results

Why choose Magento for SAP e-commerce? Periodically, the folks over at aheadWorks survey the market to understand what’s going on in the horse race amongst the leading eCommerce platform providers.  Recently they published their 2014 version of the study entitled … Continued
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Forrester Says “B2B eCommerce Produces Results – Get on Board Now”

Forrester: “Get On Board with B2B eCommerce!” If you’re on the fence about investing in an SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce project, click on this link right now!  It will take you to a registration page where you can get your … Continued
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