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June 2013

Is it Time To Quit Your Job?

Not if you’re having fun. Today’s post is a little off my usual topic of B2B ecommerce.  When you’re a CEO, an entrepreneur, husband, father and friend…and when you get to be my age… it’s a topic that regularly shows … Continued
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Integrating SAP and for B2B ecommerce

SAP + Salesforce + B2B eCommerce Ever considered an SAP-Salesforce-ecommerce integration? Sounds complicated, but the use case scenario is a simple one.  A customer comes to your SAP integrated B2B ecommerce webshop looking for the status of an order and … Continued
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Why Did SAP Really Buy hybris?

SAP buys hybris The newswires were all a flutter last week with SAP’s announcement that they were buying hybris.  The headlines offer many different perspectives on the acquisition:
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Suppliers are Missing Out on Growth in B2B eCommerce

Suppliers: Get in on the growth of B2B eCommerce! The Acquity Group just put out the results of a study that indicates that there is a growth in 2013 online B2B purchasing (no big surprise here).  The most interesting conclusion … Continued
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