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SAP buys hybris

The newswires were all a flutter last week with SAP’s announcement that they were buying hybris.  The headlines offer many different perspectives on the acquisition:

SAP enters e-commerce space with hybris acquisitionI love the “enters” description.  At least they should have said “seriously enters”.

SAP’s Hybris Deal Worth At Least $1Billionit was expensive

SAP Targets Oracle with hybris Acquisitionit was in response to competitive threats

SAP to Buy Hybris to Fight Salesforce in E-Commerce Pushif it’s not Oracle, than it must be

NetSuite Exec Says Its Rival, SAP, Has Become A ‘Hairball’ of ProductsYou kind of expect that from a competitor, but the truth hurts. :-)

SAP needs Hybris, but will they fit together? – SAP buys hybris because they couldn’t build their own solution.  Integrating the two companies will be a challenge.

Hybris Acquisition Boost for SAP’s Already Strong ChannelThe SAP sales channel loves new products that require complicated projects.  They’re going to love hybris!

SAP Eyes B2C Commerce in Hybris Buyout“SAP co-CEO says move “asserts our will in the CRM marketplace”” Is it still a secret that B2B ecommerce is twice as large?

SAP to Acquire hybris to Deliver Next-Generation Customer ExperienceSAP is now on the leading edge of the “consumer economy”.  But what about the rules driven B2B buyer?

SAP to buy Swiss firm hybris to boost cloud services –  Even though hybris is predominantly a software company???  Ariba and Successfactors are much better cloud examples.

SAP Acquires Hybris to Build Out Software Tools for Mobile Devices and E-CommerceIf it’s not “cloud”, than it must be “mobile”.

SAP Pulls Hybris into its StableIf it’s not cloud and it’s not mobile than it must be Hana.

Bottom line?

SAP paid an awful lot of money to buy themselves into the B2C ecommerce market because the space was heating up and their internal efforts weren’t delivering the goods.  They now have bragging rights (in combination with Successfactors and Ariba) to having real cloud offerings and bought themselves a fertile target market area for their Hana based analytics.

From b2b2dot0’s perspective, we’ll let the market fight over how they spend their Megabucks on B2C omnichannel solutions.  We’ll quietly be offering what the (larger) B2B market wants.  Less hype (or is that hybris?) and more real time integration with SAP at an affordable price with quick implementations.


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